Life Groups

What is a Life Group (LG)?

A Life Group is a group of Christians who meet regularly to share food and fellowship around their common life and purpose in Christ. Life Groups exist to accomplish the two vital goals. First, to build up the believers by prayerfully speaking the Word of God to one another while mutually caring and serving each other to become more like Jesus. Second, to offer a place where non-believers could come to learn more about Jesus and be attracted to Him.

What happens in a LG?

When you attend a Life Group, you can expect a warm time of food, worship, Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. As members of each group commit to one another, trust and relationships are nurtured, and loving support and accountability as followers of Jesus are cultivated on an ongoing basis.

What do LGs study?

All Life Groups go through the application of our Sunday Preaching Series. During this time, members of each group discuss the practical application of the preached text, seeking to directly apply God’s truth in their lives.

When and where do LGs meet?

Currently, all Life Groups meet on Fridays, 7-9 pm. Most Life Groups take turns meeting in different members’ homes in each region.

How long does each LG meeting last?

Most groups meet for two hours to accommodate a time of fellowship, Bible study, and prayer.

Are these groups for married only or singles too?

Most Life Groups contain both singles and married couples together. We encourage this mixture so that singles can experience healthy, Christ-like examples of real family life. It is also an opportunity for married couples to support and understand the challenges and values of a single lifestyle.

Is there childcare?

Each group is responsible for providing their own childcare. Currently, members of each group rotate to teach kids a separate lesson in another room while the adults study or pray together. Following the lesson, they also enjoy time with crafts. Please check each group below for more information regarding childcare.

How do I join a LG?

It’s easy. Click on the group in your region below and sign up!

Current Life Groups