What to Expect


We want you to know that you are welcomed by our church family.

Here’s what you can typically expect with us at GraceHill:

Arrive early, 30 minutes before the service (9:30 AM), and enjoy coffee, tea, and bagels while you meet our church family and other guests.

Currently, we have one Worship Service at 10:00 AM. A typical service includes congregational singing, the public reading of Scripture, corporate prayer, announcements, offering, and expository preaching (45-50 minutes). The entire service is usually about 1 1/2 hours. Typically, the first Sunday of each month we celebrate the Lord’s Supper (Communion) together.

During the service, the musicians will lead us in 3-5 Gospel centered songs. We sing theologically sound and worthwhile songs – whether new or old – in both contemporary and traditional music styles. Our aim is to praise God and instruct each other in the Biblical truth.

Following the announcements, we typically have an offering to support the ministry of the church. We do not at all expect our guests to contribute any money, and are simply glad to have them with us!

Kids are welcome in our services! We are very comfortable with wiggles and squeaks, and we are very eager for our younger guests to feel welcomed, wanted, and to look forward to coming to church! Currently, we are offering kids nursery for ages 0-2 and a Sunday school class for kids ages 3-9 during our Sunday Morning Service at 10 am. All kids are dismissed during the announcements following worship and prayer. Learn more about GraceHill Kids here.

Just in case you're wondering how most people around here will be dressed, it's pretty broad. Most people dress in attire equivalent to business causal, while some dress more formal and still others dress casual. Pastors and leaders typically dress more formal.