GraceHill Youth

Our Mission

GraceHill Youth (GY) exists to assist Christian families in their God-ordained task of raising mature teenage worshippers of Jesus Christ.  We desire to help students from 7-12th grade get to know Jesus, ask questions, make a personal profession of faith, and become equipped to live as followers of Jesus.

We believe that the Gospel, received by faith, changes everything and we desire to see students grow deeper in love with God, His people, His Word, and His mission.

Our Methods

We implement various methods to accomplish our mission. We want to weave the methods listed below into everything we do, whether it’s a weekly meeting, a monthly activity, an annual event, or different service opportunities we have.

  • INVITE -  welcome the youth from our church body and those we meet elsewhere
  • INSPIRE - love and show genuine interest in youth, encouraging them to have a real and powerful relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit
  • INSTRUCT - teach and train the ways of God as to our children: through patience, passion, practicality, and God’s power
  • IMPACT - leave lasting impressions on youth through love and devotion that clearly point to God and the change He can perform in them as well; inspire youth to impact the people for Christ in our community and beyond

Our Means

  • Mid-Week Meetings
    1-3rd Thursday Night | 7 - 9:00 pm during the school year
    Worship | Teaching | Discussion | Active Learning | Prayer
    Teach and live out God’s Word in a way that inspires, instructs, and impacts the youth
  • Monthly Events
    A weekend or a weeknight event - a time to have fun, meet people, serve others, and a great opportunity to invite friends to join the ministry
  • Annual Events
    Annual retreats, Inter-Church events, etc

Current Life Groups