GraceHill Kids

Our Mission

To lead our children to Christ by exalting Christ before them.

Our Objective

Our ultimate goal is not well-behaved, well-liked, well-rounded, moral children, where everyone congratulates you on how well you have trained your kids. Our ultimate goal is to “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Eph. 6:4). Our goal is Christ-centered children: children who obey and honor their parents because they love the Lord Jesus. Therefore, in all of our training, discipline, teaching, and instruction, we should have one grand focus and objective in mind, and that is to point them to Christ -- to placard Christ before them. He is the purpose of their existence. Jesus is the only one who can give them true rest for their souls. They are created in His image to worship Him, serve Him, obey Him and enjoy Him forever. This is our goal. Everything else is secondary.

As a church, we have a responsibility to the parents and their children, but it is not to raise and disciple your children. This is the responsibility of parents. The church is to equip parents to do their job well. In its turn, children’s ministries in the church are to strengthen, confirm, and reinforce what parents are teaching.

Besides teaching, one of the best ways for parents to be equipped and learn to relate the word of God to their children is by getting involved in their child’s class. They will see it modeled before them how to teach the Bible at their child’s level. Parental involvement in children’s ministry will strengthen their relationship with children over time, which is key to children’s reception of the word of God.

Our Hope

Our hope is in the Lord. He has promised to help parents to bring their children to the Lord. This passage gives us strong confidence that these things will happen, “posterity will serve the Lord” (Ps. 22:30-31). God has a desire to save the next generation and He will do so.

Our Plan

Currently, we are offering kids nursery for ages 0-2 and a Sunday school class for kids ages 3-9 during our Sunday Morning Service at 10 am. Starting September 2021, we are expanding and adding a pre-teen class (ages 10-11) which will meet on Thursdays at 7 pm and will be lead by Paul and Nastya Kucherenko.

Current Life Groups