January 25, 2023

We're On The Move, Again!

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Greetings, church!

This past Sunday we had a members’ meeting where we presented to you a building opportunity we’ve been pursuing over the past couple of weeks. As a result of multiple conversations and meetings, it has become clear that this is a God thing - something that only He could do and orchestrate. After presenting you with the information on Sunday, it became even more apparent that we need to make the move.

We want to inform you that yesterday, we signed a 2-year lease to move into our new building, located at 7600 Old Auburn Rd, in Citrus Heights. The official lease starts on March 1, 2023, but will begin moving in mid-February. Lord willing, our first service at the new building will be on Sunday, March 5.

We will be needing alot of help with moving and preparing the new place for us. Please be on the lookout for updates when these events are scheduled in the coming weeks.

On behalf of the leadership team,

Tim Vusik

Serving Opportunity

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