July 27, 2023

July 27, 2023 - Weekly Update

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Good afternoon, church!

Please read this week’s announcements and reminders below:

Men's Prayer Breakfast | Next Saturday, August 5

GraceHill Men! Join the men of GraceHill Church on Saturday, August 5, at 9 am, for prayer fellowship. The topic of our prayer will be: "Men: leaders, husbands, fathers." Let's come together and grow in grace!

Baptism Class | Starts September 10

If you have confessed Christ as Lord but have not been baptized, sign up to attend this class to learn more about this step of obedience.

Parent-Child Dedication Class | September 10

If you desire to dedicate your child and yourself to the Lord, sign up to attend this class. Dedication prayer will take place Sunday, September 24th towards the end of our worship service.

Sunday Worship | This Weekend

This Sunday, we’ll continue our Summer Worship and turn our attention to 2 Peter 3 to consider the second coming of Christ. The questions we want to consider are: What does the Lord want us to know about Him as He delays His coming? Should we focus on the “when” or the “who” when it comes to the end times? What must we do today as we wait for Him to come back? We will study 2 Peter 3:3-18 for the next two weeks.

We will also continue with Park Fellowship at 6 pm at Madera Park in Citrus Heights.

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