February 26, 2021

Feb 26, 2021 - Weekly Update

Well, this is it—our final Sunday at the Auburn facility. As we transition into the new building, we are mindful of God’s abundant grace to our church over the past two years. When we didn’t have a building at the end of 2018, He graciously provided us a temporary place through our friends at Grace Family Church. After three months, we were meeting in a spacious auditorium at Mesa Verde High School. When covid lockdowns were put into effect, we gathered outside on the lawn in front of the auditorium. Through all the California smoke and heat, God took care of us. On October 18, 2020, we moved into the Auburn facility, and now, four and half months later, we’re transitioning yet again.

With each new accommodation, our situation improved over and over again. Whereas before, we had to haul everything with us (and I mean everything) to MVHS, we were able to keep everything under one roof at Auburn. Now, our media team won’t have to set up and tear down everything each Sunday. I’m thankful to the Lord for giving them such relief. Besides, as we said in the past, we can resume ministries we had to suspend. Church, let us be thankful and worship the Lord for His bountiful provision!

Worship Service | This Sunday, Feb 28

So, for the final time, we’ll gather at Auburn for fellowship at 9:30 am, and worship service at 10 am. We’ll continue with our study of The Gospel of the Kingdom with pastor Yan, focusing on Matthew 5:17-20.

Right after the service, we’ll be packing up our equipment and moving it to College Oak. Men, if you could assist with the loading, that would be great!

Tomorrow | College Oak Facelift

Tomorrow, a group of our men and a couple of other groups (other tenants in the new building) will be working at the College Oak facility, preparing it for our occupancy the following week. Please be praying for God’s hand over these men: for joy in serving together, safety, and a timely finish. Those of you who will be working tomorrow: thank you!!

Sunday School | Beginning March 14

Kids Sunday school will kick off on March 14! We’re grateful for many of you who had signed up to serve our kids. Next week, we’ll have more detailed information available for all the parents, as well as a place where you can sign up your kids.

Worship Service
Sunday School

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