August 6, 2021

August 6, 2021 - Weekly Update

Please see this week’s announcements and reminders below:

Walking out of the house this morning to drive to the office and seeing and smelling the smoke that’s beginning to set over our area once again, I immediately had a couple of thoughts.

First, as we express our displeasure with the air quality, let’s remember that many people are dealing with more urgent issues, like losing their homes and livelihoods. A pastor friend of mine from the Seminary who’d lost his house and all possessions in the Camp Fire three years ago just reported that his parents suffered the same fate in the Dixie Fire 2 days ago. Here’s what he wrote after sharing this devastating news: “If we didn’t have Christ, the Rock of Ages, as our firm foundation, all would be chaos.” So, church, keep praying for the dear saints across our region who are suffering from the effects of fires. Pray also for the men who are working around the clock to put these fires out.

Second, I’m overwhelmed at God’s grace in providing us a place to gather on Sundays. The Lord protected us last year as we gathered on the Mesa Verde quad, with the air quality meter constantly in the danger zone, so it’s great to know that we’ll be worshipping indoors. Whatever happens from here - our Lord is worthy of praise just as much as when we were outdoors in smoke.

Sunday Worship & Park Fellowship | August 8

With that, let’s prepare to gather and worship our Savior this Sunday at 10 am. We pray for those of you who are sick that you recover soon and rejoin our fellowship. This Sunday, we’ll continue to study and learn about Jesus, as Matthew begins to answer the question Christ’s disciples had asked in 8:27, “What kind of man is this?” Come early to enjoy pre-service fellowship with coffee and bagel.

We plan to meet again at Roseview Park at 6:00 pm if there’s no smoke. Come out! Invite others! Have fun!

Fall 2021 Membership Class

As we’ve been announcing, our Fall Membership Class will take place on Sunday, September 26, at 8:30 am. For those who desire to learn more about GraceHill Church or become part of our church family, sign up to attend this membership class. If you have any questions before the class, please contact any of the elders (Mike, Tim, or Yan), and we’d be happy to discuss.

Parent-Child Dedication Class

We believe Psalm 127:3, which says, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” Parent-Child Dedication is a time for us to celebrate and thank God for the gift of our children, to present them before the Lord and the church, and commit to seeking after His grace and wisdom in carrying out our parental responsibilities.

If you desire to dedicate your child and yourself to the Lord, sign up to attend this class on Sunday, September 19, at 8:30 am. Dedication prayer will take place the following Sunday, September 26, towards the end of our worship service.

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