Gospel Foundations Class

Man’s preoccupation with himself (man-centeredness) is the root of sin and all his miseries. However, the centrality and preeminence of Christ cannot be stressed enough. It is the primary focus of Scripture and must be ours as well. Scripture presents Christ as central to God’s plan of creation, redemption, and eternal life with God. Therefore, for Christians, Christ must remain central in our doctrine, worship, and living.

What we confess in our doctrine, we profess in our worship and express in our lives. Therefore, the purpose of the Gospel Foundations class is to:

  • reveal Christ’s centrality in the Bible
  • increase appreciation for His person and work
  • provide proper motivation to live for Christ
  • enhance effectiveness in sharing Christ with others

This course will run for 8 weeks (April 7 - May 26) on Sundays at 8:30 am for 1 hour. Sign up today!

***If needed, childcare will be provided for families with small children.